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over 16 years piercing consent form

Piercing (s) you wish to have carried out:

Do you suffer from:
Do you suffer from allergic responses to any of the following:
In the last 24 hours have you taken any of the following:

We require you to have eaten within the last two hours before getting pierced. This is to ensure you have good blood sugar levels so you dont feel faint. Have you done so?*

Are you Pregnant or currently breast feeding?*

I confirm that the information I have provided in this consent form is true to the best of my knowledge and that I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I also confirm that I have requested this piercing of my own free will.

I confirm that I am not taking any other medication or suffering from any other illness, condition or allergy, which a reasonable person should be aware of, may react adversely to or be aggravated by piercing. I understand that a new piercing is susceptible to infection until healed and that proper aftercare of the piercing site, once I leave the studio, is my responsibility. I confirm that I have been given the aftercare procedure in writing, and that it has been explained to me and I understand it. I also confirm that I will follow the aftercare procedure until the healing process is complete. I understand that, notwithstanding the hygienic conditions and sterile instruments, jewellery and techniques used by this piercing establishment, there are associated risks with piercing which include infection, scarring, allergic reactions, localised swelling, jewellery embedding and that the piercing may grow out. In giving this consent I release this piercing establishment, and its employees from all liabilities, actions and demands which I may have now, or in the future, for any loss or damage suffered howsoever caused as a result of my piercing.

I confirm that I am not suffering from Covid-19 or presenting any related symptoms

I confirm that I do not reside with any person(s) self isolating as a result of Covid-19

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